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We Day with Tallia Storm


I hope all is well with you all since my last post. Have been keeping myself busy with building up content for my vlog which will soon be launched on YouTube!! So exciting times ahead.

This post is to tell you about the lovely time I had doing the young and super talented, Tallia Storm for We Day yesterday. We Day is a charity that holds events in cities in Canada, United States and United Kingdom. The charity motivates youth to take action on local and global issues. Artists such as Rita Ora and Labyrinth performed and made speeches at this particular event.

I knew I was booked for the job on Monday this week, and Abbie and I had to be in Chelsea, London, at 6am, ready to do Tallia’s hair and makeup. Whenever I have these early call times, I never sleep well as I am always scared of oversleeping! So we both met up there and the beauty of those early call times is that we have free parking!

I got in touch with Chalk PR who got Tallia some lovely gifting from Schwarzkopf, Olaplex and He-Shi so Tallia was very happy with them. Tallia said that she wanted her hair wavy and not a glamour curl and that her hair was going to stay down. That being said, I knew  she was going on the red carpet and the weather was wet so prepping her hair could not be more important.

I used Bumble and Bumble thickening mousse, primer and thickening, layered the products all over her hair and blasted it through using my hairdryer and brush. People ask all the time why do hairstylists always make the hair “dirty” to style and thats because it holds the hair more in curls and hairup as the hair is easier to manipulate.

I then tonged and curled each section spraying BB’s Does It All and pinning her hair to cool down. Once Abbie finished her makeup, I completed her look by taking out all the pins and brushed through her hair and sprayed BB Surf Spray to enhance the curl.

Have a look at the pictures.. It was a fun morning

Peace and Love Always


The Brits part 2


I hope you all are well. Welcome to my story of the Brits part 2.

After leaving Maya’s we made our way to Yasmins. As soon as we got to Yasmin’s, we got in the front room and Yasmin had laid out a feast for us! We were greeted a selection of nibbles and drink and a sly rider of rum! Cheers Yasmin xx



When Yasmin and myself had our consultation over whatsapp, we were at a bit of a block as Yasmin was still deciding what she was wearing. But we did come to a decision that extensions were needed as I would be needing extra length no matter if she wore her hair up or down. Thats when I decided that I would use Hair Rehab London Luxe Volume Clip-in Extensions as I know I could put it up or down.

Yasmin opted for her hair to be down and wavy, I still wanted some glamour in there so I suggested for her hair to be sculpted at the sides to exaggerate the look. I used Bb’s styling cream to blow-dry through her hair and then proceeded to tong her hair, using Bb’s Does It All styling spray,in barrel curls and left to cool down and set, while Abbie applied Yasmin’s makeup


While Abbie was applying her makeup, I prepped the hair extensions by using Fudge Urban Iced Raspberry and Vanilla styling mousse to blow-dry through the hair, I then tonged each weft using Bb’s Does It All and let the wefts set in the curl. When Yasmin was ready to come back to hair, I backcombed each section using my Marco Arena Bulk Comb which is the best on the market.



I then used Fudge Urban Texture Junk and  and Bb’s Does It All Spray for Yasmin’s edges. Then I used my Denman paddle brush to brush through Yasmin’s hair and sprayed Oribe’s Shine Reflecting spray an Oribe’s Strong Superfine hairspray to finish her look.

Yasmin's finished look

Here are a couple of selfie videos from Yasmin’s phone so you can feel some of our excitement!!! I especially love the clip with Yasmin screaming and Abbie says ” ahhh Sharon”. It always makes me laugh! This was one of my favourite jobs to date!



DON’T FORGET!! I am posting all the products that I used for the Brits and where to get it from tomorrow so stay tuned!!

Peace and Love Always