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The Scene

Hey everyone!

I know its been forever since I last posted anything but I promise I wont take so long in future. I have been very busy with work and now I am taking some time and art directing also! The fact that I am writing its making it very real, so I wanted to take you on a little journey to one of my shoots that I directed and styled. For me to be inspired to direct, the inspiration comes from deep within, sometimes it answers questions that I have asked for years but most times directing gives me my voice on life and social issues and gives me a chance to express it. Not everyone is going to really understand me .. which is fine… but at the very least I am sure you will like the pictures 🙂

The Scene comes from looking at the lives of sex workers and actually wondering what their story is, how did they get to be in that position, and if they had a second chance would they do anything differently. The character Lana came to my mind and I obsessed over her for about a month before actually putting my thoughts into action. I literally wanted to draw a comparison to sex workers and city workers as it seems that they have the most regimented routine that I know in a professional field.

Lana’s day consists of getting up and getting ready for the day ahead, forever chasing that pound coin. She then paints on her smile to cover her pain, it’s so cold. She has to go out there and keep people happy, people that she doesn’t know and who don’t love her but she must love them and tell them and pray that she will get her money.


Here we shot in my house and used natural light. I wanted to show the concept that: ‘What goes on in the dark must come to light eventually.”


I’ve always wanted to shoot where I live and Lana’s story was inspired by my surroundings. This was shot on my road.. Thanks neighbour x

Lana gets ready for her day, she has her bills to pay and she has to maintain her home, she can’t pull a sicky,  if she doesn’t work, she wont be paid, she is self employed after all.


This particular shot is when the shoot really started to take place as the story was growing in tune with the the surroundings as we entered Brick Lane. I love the chef in the backgroud…

Balls in mouth subliminal

The balls in the mouth has a few meanings, yes it is balls in the mouth and it’s also a way of showing the amount we human beings have to swallow in today’s society just to get on, I just really wanted it to look sexy!

Her day is well and truly underway, her money is up. Great! ….. Really?

Here ViJay beautifully caught the heart in the back ground and it it could not be more fitting to our story. Even though we scouted the area a week before, we didn't see it ..I love that when that happens

Here Vijay beautifully caught the heart in the back ground and it could not be more fitting to our story.

From the real love she left behind, which is now a distant memory, compartmentalized outside her head but always there. It also shows struggling with her sub-conscious, the real her.

To the love that she is selling her soul for. But who's soul is being destroyed for her material pleasures.

The African Boy was so significant to this story as it leads to a question. If Anna knew what that boy had to endure to stay alive before then would she have still chosen this the lifestyle or her humanity.

To the love that she is selling her soul for. But who’s soul is being destroyed for her material pleasures?


The history of Brick Lane worked perfectly with our story as the area was notorious for ladies of the night for many years

As another day ends, another night starts and the cycle continues… things may change but people stay the same.


Photographer: Vijay Jethwa

Makeup Artist: Sophia Danielle

Model: Evie Howard

Art/Hair Director: Sharon Robinson


Peace and Love Always










Hey everyone!

I hope that you all are well and enjoying the beautiful Summer wherever you are in the world! In Britain, we are not having the greatest of weather as per usual!

Today, I am going to talk about Glitterball! I loved every minute of this shoot from, the planning stages to seeing it in Huf Magazine to seeing the video that captured all the bts footage to writing about it now! I love this shoot!

I cant actually remember who’s idea it was to do a shoot with glitter but Morgan, the photographer put a wicked team together and lovely Abbie, put us in contact with an amazing talented nail technician, Lashaun Graham and mua ( makeup artist ) Gemma Kimmings assisted by Anni Radders. The team also included stylist Sarah Booth assisted by Tremaine King and myself on hair.

Apart from smashing my phone and having a slight bump with my car, the day went fantastically well!

Due to my YouTube channel needing some extra content, I thought it great to get a videographer to capture all the team at work, so Ricardo Farrell who I met on the same day said he would come down to film us. That gave us a totally different feel to the shoot and made it more special than it already was.

In our planning stages, we formed a Whatsapp group, so we could all be on the same page when it came down to shooting. We were going for a mermaid theme so the colours and glitter reflected that theme perfectly. We decided on using 2 models so we can get the absolute most out of the shoot so we contacted Lenis Models who sent us 2 amazing girls Kimi and Hila.

Usually, I know what sort of look I want to achieve but for this shoot I did not have a clue!! But, when I got there and took one look at the models, instantly I had 3 different hairstyles for each girl, I took a bit of inspiration from Walt Disney’s Little Mermaid and remembered the witch and Ariel’s looks and worked around those looks. If you follow the link you can view the whole editorial

Glitterball for Huf Magazine Editorial

Sarah got hold of the most amazing clothes from fantastic designers, Gemma was the perfect person for this look as she is so creative and as the day went on, so did the glitter…..All I can say to that is that I had glitter for days after that. It is such a skill to make all of the extras like glitter and gems still look beautiful. Lashaun did an amazing job with the nails, she added crystals, gems, glitter and all sorts to those nails. Morgan captured each look beautifully, by using gel lighting, she managed to make it look like it was underwater. As you can see in the video, we literally bounced off each other all day.. no one was miserable..apart from when I ordered the wrong pizzas!! Sorry guys xx  but we got over that in no time.


I have put links to everyone’s profile in the description box of my YouTube video Sharon Robinson Hair.

Sharon Robinson Hair Channel

I used Bumble and Bumble for this shoot and the best product for this particular day was the “Does It All” hairspray. It gave me gloss as well as hold, and it was a very good product to brush out and start again

BB does it All

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Until next time take care.

Peace and Love Always


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Hey guys

I hope this post finds you all well. This is a post that you can keep coming back to whenever you want and will always be updated as I  will add more products all the time, there are luxury, mid range and economical products suitable for everyones pocket.

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Testing Reloaded

Hey guys!! How you doing?? I know its been a while so please excuse me… I have been extremely busy but its all good as I now have loads of content to write about!! I am really excited about this post as I am going a bit retro and going back in time. I won’t be able to show everything in one post so staying true to my tradition, I have created a series called Testing Reloaded part 1.

When creatives in fashion say “I’m doing a test shoot today” or “I’m testing today”, it means that a team is collaborating unpaid to invest in their own personal and professional growth, we have to keep our standards high and our books updated. We have to consistently update our portfolios and with the help of the internet, our work can be seen all over the world and is easily accessible.

For Testing Reloaded, I have compiled some pictures of previous shoots, from the very beginning of me deciding to do my true passion and follow my dream by being a session hairstylist, which is exactly what I wanted to do when I picked up an issue of Vogue and I wanted to do the front cover at the age of 17.

Some of these pictures full stories can be found on my site and published online and on collaborators websites. So in this post I have put links to other sites and my own site for you to see all sides to the story. I have also supplied some links on where you can purchase the tools and the products I have used in some of the looks.

first shoot

first shoot to work on my portfolio as a session hairstylist…. these images have never been used


I’m calling this Vulnerable as these two pics are from the first time myself, Serena Locatelli (makeup artist) and Rhian Cox (photographer) all worked on a collaboration together, the next time we all worked together our work got published in VOGUE.


Portraits of an Untold Fairytale 2012-03-19 04.13.06

Photographer: Rhian Cox

Makeup Artist: Serena Locatelli

Published: Photo Vogue

We have worked on many projects after this!


The Scene MBD_8096MBD_8891

Behind the scene shot

Behind the scene shoot

The Scene was a shoot that I directed, styled and also did the hair. It wasn’t for any submission to a magazine, it was strictly to update my work for my website and we had a glorious time. As it was middle of the winter and we were shooting outside, it was only right that we had flasks of mulled wine which started us just right and it really set the mood. We started shooting on my road and finished in the trendy area of London… Brick Lane.

Lady of the Manor

Photographer: Vijay Jethwa

Makeup Artist: Sophia Danielle

Full story:




Jeri_Ali_1 copy

This story came by Jeri Ali the model who needed some new work on her portfolio and I approached her to do a test with one of the teams that I have worked with before. We wanted a strong fashion story so I came up with the theme of androgyny as none of us had this sort of work on our books. We got it published in FRUKmagazine.

Model: Jeri Ali

Photographer: Roberto Mccormick

Stylist: Sarah Mulindwa

Makeup Artist: Abbie May

Full Story:

For all of these shoots I used L’oreal Professional products and my tools that I used were BaByliss Pro, Parlux and Denman which  can all be found at the below links

Loreal Techni Art Pli which is a great hair prep!!

Babyliss Pro Crimper which I used for the fist 2 shoots in this post

Parlux hairdryer which is the brand that I have used since the beginning of my career

Denman anti static comb, one of the best combs ever made


I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I did and don’t forget to follow all the links and if you want to purchase any of the tools and the products then just look slightly above and there are some links for you!!!


But for now

over and out

Peace and Love Always

Sharon xxx







Memoires of a Session Hairstylist 1

Hey there!

I hope you are all well and in good health.

I’ve decided to do a series of posts about day to day session hairstyling.

What is a Session Hairstylist:

A session hairstylist is a breed of hairstylist that tend to be mainly freelance. We tend not to to be conformists, not comfortable to work in salons full time and can watch television and not see anything apart from hair… True story.

To be a full time session hairstylist is not the easiest or safest route for a hairstylist to take but truthfully I wouldn’t have it any way. Many a time, I found myself stuck behind a salon chair, dreaming of locations, clothes, makeup, glossy magazines, fashion weeks, tv hair, adverts, the list goes on. As much as I loved my clients and still do as I do private clients all the time, I always knew that I could not be doing that full time. I think I would have imploded if I had continued.

Day to day:

Day to day is never the same, one day I can be doing private clients and the next can be a wedding, to the next,  a fashion editorial, to the next, a fashion show.

A prime example is my last few days. On Wednesday, I had an editorial shoot for Noctis Magazine, which is a where we all collaborated  on a really bright and colourful shoot. Then I had a a couple of day of private clients, then the next day I worked on a bride’s hair in Bath, which is a beautiful town, then on Sunday, I got a call to do Good Morning Britain to cover for a hairstylist which went on to two days and the following week I have a run on a show that will be in my future posts.

Here are some bts pictures of the last few days image image




Peace and Love Always




Queen Makeda of Sheba

Hi All!

I hope that this blog is finding you all well. Today has that feeling of Spring in the air. As we all look forward to the Summer, I wanted to take a look at the past and see how ancient hairstyles have influenced todays looks.

Abbie and myself recently filmed for our YouTube channels and we did a very well known YouTuber and blogger called  Temi Otedola otherwise known as JTO Fashion. Temi’s heritage is Nigerian and she has the most beautiful cheekbones and heart shape face. Abbie and I wanted to do something trendy and dreamy to suit Temi’s look and a festival look seemed apparent to do. Abbie decided to go for beautiful golds and blues for the makeup

We then started our research and Abbie asked about African names for our title which then lead us in the direction of African Queens and me being that bit extra Ancient African Queens. As I was going through the names and pictures, I came across this beauty.



Now, not only does Temi resemble Makeda in this picture,  but Makeda is wearing the colours that Abbie first brainstormed. Now if that wasn’t a sign… I don’t know what is.

What I would love for you to do now is to put on your hair hat and take a look at what is actually going on here. In this picture, Makeda has a cornrowed centre parting, a gold head band and an afro at the back. This is the sort of hairstyle that you would see in festivals all day long, be it in european hair or afro hair. I can easily see Makeda’s whole look, even her clothes, in a festival in 2016. So a note to self for me was to obviously pay homage to this trend setting, nearly 1000 years BC Ancient African Queen rock chick!

That being said, I did want to put my own spin on Temi’s look for the YouTube channel and seeing that Temi has a weave installed, I thought it was perfect for me to do a European festival look on an a black girl. Killing two birds with one stone so to speak.

The tools that I needed to create this look was my Parlux hairdryer, my medium Bayliss pro tongs and grips. I used products from Bumble and Bumble and Oribe.

You can see how I achieved the look on my channel on Thursday 25th March 2016 at 6pm and I will add to this blog soon with links on where to get the products and how much you can get them for.

Until then, please take a look at some behind the scene pictures and maybe see the comparisons that we saw between trend setter Temi and the fashionable African Queen… Makeda!

Don’t forget guys… Please subscribe to my YouTube channel… follow the link


image    image

Peace and Love Always










Hey There

I hope this post finds you all well!

LIMITLESS is a shoot that I did with an amazing team. No-one had worked with our model Angela Kajo from PRM Models before and we then had two separate teams combined to create the shoot. The two teams were duo Adena Phillips, creative director, and Matthew John, photographer, with our trio of Sarah Mulindwa, wardrobe stylist, Abbie May Hopkins, makeup artist and myself on hair.

We wanted to do a high end glossy shoot and we felt that the City of London hasn’t really been shot in the way that we could, so we opted for Aldgate where it has quite a modern landscape.

We were contemplating on shooting outside but the famous British weather was dismal in the morning, so we shot inside. This being a test shoot, meaning it wasn’t commissioned by a magazine, we all had to work very well together with what was the first look to the last look in all aspects, hair, makeup, clothes, the posing and where the shots were going to be taken.

For my part, I had to be in strong communication with Abbie and Sarah as I needed to know what the clothes were for me to design the hair around the look. Abbie usually asks me what I’m doing to the hair and then I usually say “what is she wearing?” so Sarah usually takes the lead. In this case… thats exactly what happened. There were so many pieces that I wanted to take home from wardrobe if I was a few sizes smaller, I definitely would have. Here is a picture of some of the accessories and the second look.

IMG_9521  Limitless_MatthewJohn_HUFMag

To do a successful shoot, we needed to have minimum 5 looks as no magazine will class any less as a story. I did 3 hairstyles, two ponytails and one high bun. From the first look the eyes were very strong as we wanted to bring across a strong city woman so it was only right that the hair was away from the face.

Sarah supplied an amazing mack from Dabra London, so when the weather had a break of sun, we rushed outside before it started raining cats and dogs again!

Limitless_06 Limitless_05

I always find it funny when shooting on location as people are always fascinated with what goes on behind the scenes. Like in the two above shots, myself and Adena were holding up a reflector quite close to Angela to get the right light! So as a picture can tell a thousand stories, there a few thousand stories that stay untold.

We were very happy when Huf Magazine picked up the story as it isn’t  always a guarantee to get a submission. Please follow the link to see the full story and I will soon put up some pictures that haven’t been published on my portfolio page


Until next time

Peace and Love Always

We Day with Tallia Storm


I hope all is well with you all since my last post. Have been keeping myself busy with building up content for my vlog which will soon be launched on YouTube!! So exciting times ahead.

This post is to tell you about the lovely time I had doing the young and super talented, Tallia Storm for We Day yesterday. We Day is a charity that holds events in cities in Canada, United States and United Kingdom. The charity motivates youth to take action on local and global issues. Artists such as Rita Ora and Labyrinth performed and made speeches at this particular event.

I knew I was booked for the job on Monday this week, and Abbie and I had to be in Chelsea, London, at 6am, ready to do Tallia’s hair and makeup. Whenever I have these early call times, I never sleep well as I am always scared of oversleeping! So we both met up there and the beauty of those early call times is that we have free parking!

I got in touch with Chalk PR who got Tallia some lovely gifting from Schwarzkopf, Olaplex and He-Shi so Tallia was very happy with them. Tallia said that she wanted her hair wavy and not a glamour curl and that her hair was going to stay down. That being said, I knew  she was going on the red carpet and the weather was wet so prepping her hair could not be more important.

I used Bumble and Bumble thickening mousse, primer and thickening, layered the products all over her hair and blasted it through using my hairdryer and brush. People ask all the time why do hairstylists always make the hair “dirty” to style and thats because it holds the hair more in curls and hairup as the hair is easier to manipulate.

I then tonged and curled each section spraying BB’s Does It All and pinning her hair to cool down. Once Abbie finished her makeup, I completed her look by taking out all the pins and brushed through her hair and sprayed BB Surf Spray to enhance the curl.

Have a look at the pictures.. It was a fun morning

Peace and Love Always


London Fashion Week with Me!

Hey Guys!!

So as promised, here is my post about London Fashion Week AW2016  and my adventures in it.

I had the amazing opportunity to be Leigh Keates first assistant. A lot of people ask why I still assist and the only answer is that no one is ever the best. Its good to assist to get a feel of where hair is going and whether you are on the same vibe, or not. Its also good to be surrounded by like minded individuals, being a session hairstylist can be a lonely road sometimes as not many “normal” people can understand the excitement of talking about a look.

Anyway, Leigh was in charge of two shows this season.. Natasha Zinko and Amanda Wakely. We had to go to each designer and discuss how they both wanted the hair and makeup so we had to do testing which was so interesting as it showed me how important testing actually is and how important every strand of hair is.

For Natasha Zinko’s hair look Leigh decide on a high ponytail with a soft woven the tail and slight texture on the top section of hair.


The show was on Sunday and our call time was at 7am so I had to be up at 5am! Believe me, it was easy to get up as my excitement was uncontainable. I am such a big kid. Please see my earlier post about the show itself under Natasha Zinko. In the process of that show,I was booked for the Pringle of Scotland show to assist Syd Hayes the next day. Again an early call time but at the lovely Serpentine Gallery in Hyde Park.

We had an explosion of hair and had to add hair extensions which was fun. We then had to drench the hair in mousse and rough dry, the mousse helps the hair to stay in that curl and is imperative in hair up, especially on european hair. We tonged small curls and pin to set, for the most part there were 2-3 hairstylists on one model and the makeup and the nail tech on her also so you can imagine… a bit tight? have a look at the picture and tell me what you think. The hair look was a big curly ponytail which kind of reminded me of when black girls would put all their hair into ponytail and have a big afro puff coming out, or massive beach waved hair in a loose ponytail. All in all, I had a fantastic time in all its craziness. The adrenalin of getting the look done and working alongside people is just the best!

image image image


image image

So after that show, I literally came home and closed my eyes until my next alarm at 5am for Amanda Wakely’s show in Kings Cross St Pancras Square. During the hair test, Amanda expressed to Leigh that she wanted the hair to look freshly washed but not a “hair done” look. She wanted the hair to look as if its just been shampooed and put into a ponytail. Leigh decided to do a low ponytail which was in line with the jaw line and slightly over the  ears. This show was very chilled, we had uber amount of space and a lot of time as the look was simple but technical. For this show we used Batiste products which worked perfectly for this look. Leigh being the technical wizard that he is made sure he saw every single girl that walked out and being his first assist I got to do that with him, we also went to go and watch the rehearsal which up to that day had never happened to me as I am always backstage! I was truly honoured to be there… it is definitely something I will never forget.

image image

image image

To say I had a blast is an understatement this season, my favourite part? I can’t say.. but after all of it I did feel a bit deflated but the next day the adrenalin was up again as that was the day of the Brits.

Peace an Love Always














The Brits part 2


I hope you all are well. Welcome to my story of the Brits part 2.

After leaving Maya’s we made our way to Yasmins. As soon as we got to Yasmin’s, we got in the front room and Yasmin had laid out a feast for us! We were greeted a selection of nibbles and drink and a sly rider of rum! Cheers Yasmin xx



When Yasmin and myself had our consultation over whatsapp, we were at a bit of a block as Yasmin was still deciding what she was wearing. But we did come to a decision that extensions were needed as I would be needing extra length no matter if she wore her hair up or down. Thats when I decided that I would use Hair Rehab London Luxe Volume Clip-in Extensions as I know I could put it up or down.

Yasmin opted for her hair to be down and wavy, I still wanted some glamour in there so I suggested for her hair to be sculpted at the sides to exaggerate the look. I used Bb’s styling cream to blow-dry through her hair and then proceeded to tong her hair, using Bb’s Does It All styling spray,in barrel curls and left to cool down and set, while Abbie applied Yasmin’s makeup


While Abbie was applying her makeup, I prepped the hair extensions by using Fudge Urban Iced Raspberry and Vanilla styling mousse to blow-dry through the hair, I then tonged each weft using Bb’s Does It All and let the wefts set in the curl. When Yasmin was ready to come back to hair, I backcombed each section using my Marco Arena Bulk Comb which is the best on the market.



I then used Fudge Urban Texture Junk and  and Bb’s Does It All Spray for Yasmin’s edges. Then I used my Denman paddle brush to brush through Yasmin’s hair and sprayed Oribe’s Shine Reflecting spray an Oribe’s Strong Superfine hairspray to finish her look.

Yasmin's finished look

Here are a couple of selfie videos from Yasmin’s phone so you can feel some of our excitement!!! I especially love the clip with Yasmin screaming and Abbie says ” ahhh Sharon”. It always makes me laugh! This was one of my favourite jobs to date!



DON’T FORGET!! I am posting all the products that I used for the Brits and where to get it from tomorrow so stay tuned!!

Peace and Love Always