Hey everyone!

I hope that you all are well and enjoying the beautiful Summer wherever you are in the world! In Britain, we are not having the greatest of weather as per usual!

Today, I am going to talk about Glitterball! I loved every minute of this shoot from, the planning stages to seeing it in Huf Magazine to seeing the video that captured all the bts footage to writing about it now! I love this shoot!

I cant actually remember who’s idea it was to do a shoot with glitter but Morgan, the photographer put a wicked team together and lovely Abbie, put us in contact with an amazing talented nail technician, Lashaun Graham and mua ( makeup artist ) Gemma Kimmings assisted by Anni Radders. The team also included stylist Sarah Booth assisted by Tremaine King and myself on hair.

Apart from smashing my phone and having a slight bump with my car, the day went fantastically well!

Due to my YouTube channel needing some extra content, I thought it great to get a videographer to capture all the team at work, so Ricardo Farrell who I met on the same day said he would come down to film us. That gave us a totally different feel to the shoot and made it more special than it already was.

In our planning stages, we formed a Whatsapp group, so we could all be on the same page when it came down to shooting. We were going for a mermaid theme so the colours and glitter reflected that theme perfectly. We decided on using 2 models so we can get the absolute most out of the shoot so we contacted Lenis Models who sent us 2 amazing girls Kimi and Hila.

Usually, I know what sort of look I want to achieve but for this shoot I did not have a clue!! But, when I got there and took one look at the models, instantly I had 3 different hairstyles for each girl, I took a bit of inspiration from Walt Disney’s Little Mermaid and remembered the witch and Ariel’s looks and worked around those looks. If you follow the link you can view the whole editorial

Glitterball for Huf Magazine Editorial

Sarah got hold of the most amazing clothes from fantastic designers, Gemma was the perfect person for this look as she is so creative and as the day went on, so did the glitter…..All I can say to that is that I had glitter for days after that. It is such a skill to make all of the extras like glitter and gems still look beautiful. Lashaun did an amazing job with the nails, she added crystals, gems, glitter and all sorts to those nails. Morgan captured each look beautifully, by using gel lighting, she managed to make it look like it was underwater. As you can see in the video, we literally bounced off each other all day.. no one was miserable..apart from when I ordered the wrong pizzas!! Sorry guys xx  but we got over that in no time.


I have put links to everyone’s profile in the description box of my YouTube video Sharon Robinson Hair.

Sharon Robinson Hair Channel

I used Bumble and Bumble for this shoot and the best product for this particular day was the “Does It All” hairspray. It gave me gloss as well as hold, and it was a very good product to brush out and start again

BB does it All

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Until next time take care.

Peace and Love Always