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I’ve decided to do a series of posts about day to day session hairstyling.

What is a Session Hairstylist:

A session hairstylist is a breed of hairstylist that tend to be mainly freelance. We tend not to to be conformists, not comfortable to work in salons full time and can watch television and not see anything apart from hair… True story.

To be a full time session hairstylist is not the easiest or safest route for a hairstylist to take but truthfully I wouldn’t have it any way. Many a time, I found myself stuck behind a salon chair, dreaming of locations, clothes, makeup, glossy magazines, fashion weeks, tv hair, adverts, the list goes on. As much as I loved my clients and still do as I do private clients all the time, I always knew that I could not be doing that full time. I think I would have imploded if I had continued.

Day to day:

Day to day is never the same, one day I can be doing private clients and the next can be a wedding, to the next,  a fashion editorial, to the next, a fashion show.

A prime example is my last few days. On Wednesday, I had an editorial shoot for Noctis Magazine, which is a where we all collaborated  on a really bright and colourful shoot. Then I had a a couple of day of private clients, then the next day I worked on a bride’s hair in Bath, which is a beautiful town, then on Sunday, I got a call to do Good Morning Britain to cover for a hairstylist which went on to two days and the following week I have a run on a show that will be in my future posts.

Here are some bts pictures of the last few days image image




Peace and Love Always