Hey everyone!

I know its been forever since I last posted anything but I promise I wont take so long in future. I have been very busy with work and now I am taking some time and art directing also! The fact that I am writing its making it very real, so I wanted to take you on a little journey to one of my shoots that I directed and styled. For me to be inspired to direct, the inspiration comes from deep within, sometimes it answers questions that I have asked for years but most times directing gives me my voice on life and social issues and gives me a chance to express it. Not everyone is going to really understand me .. which is fine… but at the very least I am sure you will like the pictures πŸ™‚

The Scene comes from looking at the lives of sex workers and actually wondering what their story is, how did they get to be in that position, and if they had a second chance would they do anything differently. The character Lana came to my mind and I obsessed over her for about a month before actually putting my thoughts into action. I literally wanted to draw a comparison to sex workers and city workers as it seems that they have the most regimented routine that I know in a professional field.

Lana’s day consists of getting up and getting ready for the day ahead, forever chasing that pound coin. She then paints on her smile to cover her pain, it’s so cold. She has to go out there and keep people happy, people that she doesn’t know and who don’t love her but she must love them and tell them and pray that she will get her money.


Here we shot in my house and used natural light. I wanted to show the concept that: ‘What goes on in the dark must come to light eventually.”


I’ve always wanted to shoot where I live and Lana’s story was inspired by my surroundings. This was shot on my road.. Thanks neighbour x

Lana gets ready for her day, she has her bills to pay and she has to maintain her home, she can’t pull a sicky,Β  if she doesn’t work, she wont be paid, she is self employed after all.


This particular shot is when the shoot really started to take place as the story was growing in tune with the the surroundings as we entered Brick Lane. I love the chef in the backgroud…

Balls in mouth subliminal

The balls in the mouth has a few meanings, yes it is balls in the mouth and it’s also a way of showing the amount we human beings have to swallow in today’s society just to get on, I just really wanted it to look sexy!

Her day is well and truly underway, her money is up. Great! ….. Really?

Here ViJay beautifully caught the heart in the back ground and it it could not be more fitting to our story. Even though we scouted the area a week before, we didn't see it ..I love that when that happens

Here Vijay beautifully caught the heart in the back ground and it could not be more fitting to our story.

From the real love she left behind, which is now a distant memory, compartmentalized outside her head but always there. It also shows struggling with her sub-conscious, the real her.

To the love that she is selling her soul for. But who's soul is being destroyed for her material pleasures.

The African Boy was so significant to this story as it leads to a question. If Anna knew what that boy had to endure to stay alive before then would she have still chosen this the lifestyle or her humanity.

To the love that she is selling her soul for. But who’s soul is being destroyed for her material pleasures?


The history of Brick Lane worked perfectly with our story as the area was notorious for ladies of the night for many years

As another day ends, another night starts and the cycle continues… things may change but people stay the same.


Photographer: Vijay Jethwa

Makeup Artist: Sophia Danielle

Model: Evie Howard

Art/Hair Director: Sharon Robinson


Peace and Love Always