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Natasha Zinko Show LFWAW16


London Fashion Week is truly underway… And it is all going superbly.

Today I was first assistant to Leigh Keates on the Natasha Zinko presentation. It was an early start for us as we all had to be at the Connaught Hotel in Mayfair by 7am.

It was quite an interesting bus journey up there, loads of workers on their way to work and loads of revellers on their way home!!

The hair and makeup look was very natural and young. The makeup stayed young by just using an mascara without eyeliner and a red glossy lip.

The hair look was a wavy ponytail which looked effortless. Leigh decided to expose the hair band which is definitely a lovely touch. He also went for a slight texture around the crown area and a centre parting so it makes the ponytail look more adventurous.

Bumble and Bumble sponsored the show and I’m sure you know… I have found a new ‘Must Have’ so stay tuned.  But for now here are some backstage pics. All pictures are taken on my iPhone 6.



Sharon’s Must Have Product

Hey guys

Today was a busy day as we were shooting Melissa Steel and Yasmin Evans for blog and Abbie’s YouTube channel.

We had such a great time and quite a few giggles that were very difficult to get rid of but we pushed through so stay tuned to see what we produced.

After being gifted from Oribe for the Brits, I had to try them out, especially because I wanted to see how the products perform on Afro hair, and to say I was pleasantly surprised is an understatement. So much so that I have a couple of “Must Have” products for any kit.

The one I want to talk about today is the Oribe Superfine Hairspray. Its ingredients consists of a range of natural extracts including  Aloe Vera, Ginger, Mango and Passion Fruit which smells absolutely beautiful.

The spray does not weigh down the hair and is brush-able and even though it gives a great hold it doesn’t stick the hair together which is a bonus. Its great for hair up and down and for everyday use. True to its name it is super fine, the particles are almost invisible! I absolutely LOVE it!

You can purchase it from Space.NK  for the price of £28.50 which is very reasonable for a high end product and will last for ages as it is super concentrated.

Until next time

Peace and Love Always

IMG_9821 (2)

Click here to buy now


Magic Mondays


The countdown has begun… one of my favourite times of the year… London Fashion Week!!! I am actually screaming internally!! I am so excited! New York Fashion week is happening as we speak and from what I have seen, it has been amazing, this time next year, that is where I need to be!!

So why Magic Mondays? Because it is always good to start off the week with a good positive energy. Usually, Mondays is very quite for most hairstylists, but when its quite for me, I am knocking down creativities door. I have managed to organise some shoots and start an amazing collaboration with a few hairstylists! All will be revealed at a later date..

So I have had an eventful week, I did hair with an amazing colleague of mine Jake Gallagher for Meat’s fashion show. It was an experience I can tell you!! It was so much fun! I also did Melissa Steels hair for her performance at Paradise in Kensal Rise and Abbie did the makeup! Keep a look out for further posts with links Abbie’s youtube videos and my vlogs.

Exciting times ahead, a lot of things in the pipeline so stay tuned!!

Peace and Love Always

p.s above pic credits

Designer: Jason Boateng

Makeup Artist: Lauren Kay

Hair By Me!!

Must Have Product

Hey there,

As promised in my earlier post, my ‘Must Have’ product for any kit be it Afro or European, professional or personal.

IMG-20160209-WA0008 IMG-20160209-WA0010
This product has many benefits and has saved me through many a dilemma can be used both pre and post shampoo. Revlon has done amazingly well with this product and I will continue to use it in every circumstance.
Get yours today from any salon or online!!!

Peace and Love Always


Still Here

Hey there!

I am still here! I have been busy with the dreaded tax return but it’s over now for another year!

I have also been busy shooting and in the coming week, I will be showing you some footage of collaborations that I have been working on.

I will also be showcasing my “Must Have” product for any kit be it professional or personal, so stay tuned.

But for now here are some “Behind The Scene” (bts) pictures of the amazing singer song writer Rebecca Garton’s “VOICES” video. Shot in the heart of Essex woodlands. It was absolutely freezing, I’m sure it took me a day to thaw out properly!!

It’s always lovely to shoot with a great team and as you will see in my future posts, I work a lot with different teams but also constantly work with certain teams also. The collaboration of Abbie May Hopkins on makeup, Sarah Mulindwa on wardrobe styling and myself on hair, has proven to be a winning formula!


Peace and Love Always

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